Arpaio On Immigration: Trump Has The Guts To Do Something About It

On May 10th The Huffington Post featured a picture of former President Vincente Fox giving the finger to Donald Trump.

Ben Mathis and Vicente Fox (Facebook)

I can’t wait until we can give them the finger by way of President Trump building a wall and deporting them all. As Senator Sessions said;

“In Donald Trump, we have a forceful advocate for America. Trump has said that our trade, immigration and foreign policies must be changed to protect the interests of American workers and our nation.”

The American middle class is dying. In the 1970’s Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers patrolled the southern border to keep out illegal aliens. The group opposed guest worker programs. They knew the law of supply and demand was applicable to the labor force. Too many workers willing to work for less drives down wages and drives up taxes.

The elitists among us favor lax immigration policies. The general public is typically opposed. Middle class Americans subsidize the cheap labor for business. We subsidize the elites cooks, housekeepers, lawn care, and baby setters.

The remittances to Mexico each year is greater than their oil revenue. The elites in Mexico have no reason to clean up the corruption or provide a safety net. The people flee instead of demanding change. The U.S. taxpayers end up being everybody’s patsy’s.

Overburdened taxpayers with rising health care costs of their own are forced through taxes and premiums to subsidize the healthcare of illegal aliens. Forced to pay for increased law enforcement, legal fees, education, social services, etc, etc, etc.

Sheriff Arpaio and Jan Brewer compare Donald Trump’s policies to the Democrats’ on ‘Hannity’. Arpaio say’s Trump has the gut’s to do something about it. Watch






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    Two guys smiling. Hmmm, wonder where those fingers have been.