Louis Farrakhan of The Nation of Islam Agrees With Trump’s Position on Refugees – Video


For those who believe the Democrat talking points of how Trump’s Muslim ban is unAmerican and mean – just listen to what Louis Farrakhan, the Leader of the Nation of Islam, and a Muslim himself has to say about Trump’s position on Muslim refugees!

  • preferred user

    Perhaps he can influence BHO but BHO is in it for the perpetual immigrant muslim democratic votes so maybe not ?

  • Acecool

    What a breath of fresh air. Thank You Mr. Farrakhan for restoring my faith in that Human beings, regardless of religion, have the capacity to live without war, hatred and discrimination. It’s sad that more don’t share in those values. Also! Great speech on shedding light upon “parading politicians” seeking financial backing from the elite, who are basically selling their souls to the devil to do his bidding and not their own.