Trump Wins Oregon With 66.8% and Breaks Record of Most Votes Ever for Republican Primary Candidate


Donald Trump wins the Oregon Primary with a final total of 66.8%!

With his win tonight in the State of Oregon along with previous victories in West Virginia and Nebraska, Donald J. Trump broke George W. Bush’s record with the most votes won by any Republican Primary Candidate in party history.

George W. Bush won 10.8 million votes in the 2000 Republican primary.

Donald Trump has won 11.1 million votes so far this year.


Donald Trump won Oregon tonight but Hillary Clinton barely squeaked out a win in Kentucky and lost to Bernie Sanders in Oregon.

Kentucky was Hillary’s first primary win in nearly a month beating Bernie by less than 0.5% of the vote. Sanders is expected to run away with the Oregon primary for his third primary win in the last 3 weeks. It appears the email scandal, her husband’s recently reported trips to ‘rape’ island and other questionable acts in her past have come to haunt Hillary.

Per a review of the results of elections to date of the top four candidates, Trump continues to outshine them all and by the end of the night will need less than 80 delegates to win the Republican Nomination for President.

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Trump has more primary wins (27), more overall state wins (30), the highest percentage of primary wins (87%), the highest percent of overall state wins (71%), the highest percent of primary delegates (74%), the highest percent of overall delegates (67%), and the highest percentage of votes (60%) than the final top four Republican and Democrat candidates.

(This data above is obtained from the website. Caucus wins for Cruz in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota, Sanders in Maine, Alaska and Washington and Hillary in Iowa and Nevada were added to the results. These states show no winners currently in the RCP data. If these caucus wins were not added to the data, Trump would be even further ahead in the areas mentioned above.)

To date, the Democratic race is much tighter than the Republican race based on wins and delegates. (However, the Democrats also have super delegates which are highly in Hillary’s favor at 524 to 40 for Sanders).

Although Bernie was mathematically eliminated a few weeks ago on April 26th, he has now for the third week in a row beat Hillary Clinton in in a Democratic primary.








As noted previously based on current counts and tonight’s results, Trump will reach the number of delegates to win the nomination outright on Tuesday June 7th.   By the end of the night Trump will only need 18% of the remaining delegates to win the Republican Nomination.


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  • Acecool

    Stunned and Amazed as Oregon is predominately a Democrat state. btw, I live in Portland, and heard it here first! Thank You! Jumping with joy! 😀

    • Miss Annie

      The percentages he is winning with is amazing! He won WV with 75%!

      • Acecool

        True that! Hoping this is some indication of Oregon’s Democrats possibly giving a nod in Trumps direction.

      • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

        Rasmussen White House Watch: Trump 42%, Clinton 37%

    • Cheryl Gumulauski

      Trump was always going to take the west coast states, even when the others were in. That is why they got out. WA will be a landslide for Trump, as will CA and NJ, and they would have been regardless of the other two being in or out, and yes I am happy!

    • Russell Schultz

      I’m from the area. Oregon was a closed primary. Had it been an open primary, chances are that Trump’s vote total would have been substantially larger.

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump
  • Cheryl Gumulauski

    The delegate and vote count above does not include Trump’s OR victory tonight, and is short a few unbound delegates he just picked up. He has around 30 more delegates than the 1134 he had yesterday, or around 1164.

    • Acecool

      Approx 100 more to go. GOD SPEED! GO TRUMP or Bust!

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  • Iamacitizen2

    Praise God another 17 Delegates….wow shocked for sure since west coast States are mostly Dem’s…YIKES

    Congratulations Mr. Trump!!! ONLY 77 MORE DELEGATES TO GOOOOOOOOO out of 347 available YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! TOOT TOOOT TOOOOT the Presidential Trump Train is almost at the Station!!!
    Everybody get on BOARD… LOLOL

    • Acecool

      Yes! Praise God! It’s been a long time I’ve felt this hopeful for this country of ours. I do believe by the mercy of God, we Americans are being given one last chance to turn this country around. We need a STRONG TRUSTWORTHY GOVT LEADER that doesn’t bow down to money politics and can’t be bought. One with the same goals our Christian Nation has, to end this extreme liberation of the abominable, that being, NWO, Normalization of Gay/Transgender and the separation of a loving God.

  • veggiedude

    Wow, this is totally amazing. He won so big against all the challengers. Oh wait, he has no challengers.

    • Acecool

      Yes, it finally dawned on me, what republican is going to waste their vote on a delusion. The big worry in Oregon are the Hillary/Sanders Democrats.

    • Gman

      “…no challengers.”

      With Sanders being mathematically eliminated already, neither does Hillary Clinton, yet, she is still racking up loss after loss. Your buddy, Obama sycophant Van Jones said it best yesterday, “Sanders and Clinton … leadership failure[s]…”

  • I also reside in Oregon and what a delight to see how many in our state had voted for him. Yeah and Go Trump!

  • Missy Norris

    Yes, Thank you, Oregon & Congratulations. Definitely a great voter turnout. Let’s hope we smash records right on down the line.

  • Gearmoe

    I know a number of people who voted TRUMP in WA. Yes, we have to declare a party, so those who prefer not to check the box as a Republican were not in the mix.

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm

    The African version of Hitlery Rotten Clinton: