Trump: Egypt Air Crash Looks Like Another Terrorist Attack

The wreckage of an Egyptian flight with 66 people on-board was found off the coast of Greece.

Donald Trump has said the Obama administration refuses to even use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism. Obama’s former Defense Secretary Robert Gates criticized Mr. Trump’s tweet on Morning Joe.

“Well, one of the things that you learn fairly early when you have responsibility is how often the initial reports or information you get on a situation prove to be inaccurate,” said Gates. “And with the demands of news media and so on, there’s always pressure to immediately react before you know really what’s going on. And that’s a discipline a lot of politicians frankly don’t have, at least until they have responsibility.”

Gates criticism of Trump came even though it was widely reported that experts and others thought it was indeed a terrorist attack. The Daily Mail Reports;

“Flight MS804 disappeared after the jet went into a sudden spin and plunged 22,000ft before vanishing off the radar at 00.30am GMT without making a distress call.

Greek defence minister Panos Kammenos said the Airbus A320 made ‘sudden swerves’ in mid-air, lurching 90 degrees to the left then 360 degrees to the right as it fell out of the sky.

He said the plane dropped from 37,000 feet to 15,000ft before the signal was lost at around 10,000 feet.

Hours later,

The revelation came as security experts, minister and former air accident investigator said all the evidence pointed to the plane being targeted in a terrorist attack. 

The 56 passengers on board included one Briton, 30 Egyptians, 15 French, one Belgian, one Iraqi, one Kuwaiti, one Saudi Arabian, one Chadian, one Portuguese, one Algerian and one Canadian. There were 10 crew members including three security guards.

The British national is believed to be a man in his 40s from Carmarthen in south Wales.

Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fathi also said the possibility of a terror attack was a ‘stronger’ possibility than technical failure.

The head of Russia’s top domestic security agency, Alexander Bortnikov, also claimed it was ‘in all likelihood it was a terror attack’.

Meanwhile, Jean-Paul Troadec, the former chief of the BEA national investigation unit, said the lack of a live emergency alert meant it was almost certainly destroyed in a terror attack.”

He told Europe 1 radio station in Paris: ‘A technical problem, a fire or a failed motor do not cause an instant accident and the team has time to react.

‘The team said nothing, they did not react, so it was very probably a brutal event and we can certainly think about an attack.’

Their comments came after a merchant ship captain reported seeing a ‘flame in the sky’ over the Mediterranean.

ISIS has been waging a deadly insurgency against Egyptian security forces and last October claimed the bombing of a Russian airliner flying home holidaymakers from the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh which killed all 224 people on board.

The flight was the aircraft’s fifth of the day, having also flown to the Eritrean capital of Asmara, the Tunisian capital Tunis and Brussels in Belgium.”

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  • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

    Love this statement from Trump…


    The fact that Hillary thinks the temporary Muslim ban, which she calls the “Muslim ban”, promotes terrorism, proves Bernie Sanders was correct when he said she is not qualified to be President.

    Look at the carnage all over the world including the World Trade Center, San Bernardino, Paris, the USS Cole, Brussels and an unlimited number of other places. She and our totally ignorant President won’t even use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism. And by the way, ask Hillary who blew up the plane last night – another terrible, but preventable tragedy. She has bad judgement and is unfit to serve as President at this delicate and difficult time in our country’s history.