Trump Refers To Bill Clinton As A Rapist


The GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump has gone there. Calling a spade a spade Mr. Trump referred to Bill Clinton as a rapist on Sean Hannity’s show.  Fox reports;

“By the way, you know, it’s not like the worst things, OK,” Trump said. “You look at what Clinton’s gone through with all of the problems and all of the things that he’s done.”

Hannity went on to question whether the newspaper would interview women including Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey. All three have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

“In one case, it’s about exposure. In another case, it’s about groping and fondling and touching against a woman’s will,” Hannity said.

“And rape,” Trump responded.

“And rape,” Hannity repeated.”

Monica Lewinsky, a 21 year old unpaid intern was a subordinate of then President Clinton. Trump also brought up Clinton’s “impeachment for lying” about his sexual encounters with her. Trump said, “And losing your law license. You know, Bill Clinton lost his law license, okay”… He couldn’t practice law. And you don’t read about this on Clinton.”

Juanita Broderick say’s she could never forgive the Clinton’s. She includes Hillary because following her alleged rape she felt threatened by her.

Paula Jones received $850,000 in an out of court settlement for Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual harassment.

Kathren Willey claims Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her. She thanked Donald Trump in January for highlighting Bill Clinton’s history towards women. She also urged more victims to come forward. She is campaigning against Hillary Clinton.

Sen. Rand Paul said most companies wouldn’t hire a man like Bill Clinton. Breitbart reports:

“I think most company policies in most American corporations wouldn’t even hire someone like Bill Clinton because of his threat to the young people in the workplace,” Paul told Breitbart News in the exclusive phone interview. “As CEO in any company in America, his behavior with an intern would be so unacceptable that he’s really not someone that any company in America would hire.”

Paul also said that the Clintons—as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bill’s husband, seeks to ascend to the presidency—must answer these questions and must answer them in a straightforward manner. Paul argued that the woman should be believed when it comes to allegations of rape and sexual assault, and that no exception should be made for Bill Clinton.

“I think it is important,” Paul said. “Probably one of the most poignant questions that was addressed to Hillary Clinton was, ‘Hillary Clinton: When a woman says that she has been raped, or a woman says that she has been taken advantage of, should we believe her?’ The question that was asked of her was ‘Should we believe women when they report that someone has harassed her?’ That’s what Hillary Clinton said, is you should, and a person in the audience said ‘well, what about Bill?’ And she refused to answer the question, and I think that’s unacceptable. There’s been a lot of accusations. Should we believe the accuser, or should we take Bill Clinton’s word for it?”


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    FLASHBACK – Alleged rape by Bill Clinton

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      • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

        EXCLUSIVE: Juanita Broaddrick ‘grateful’ Trump said ‘rape’

        Juanita Broaddrick was overcome with emotion when she heard Donald Trump talking about her accusations against Bill Clinton.

        “When I heard Mr. Trump utter the word ‘rape’ when referring to me, I cried,” Broaddrick tells The American Mirror.

        “It is difficult for me to say the ‘R’ word. Most of the time I say sexual assault, but it was RAPE. I am grateful to him for not shying away from the correct terminology to describe the most horrific event in my life,” she says.

        Broaddrick tells The American Mirror she has never met Donald Trump, nor has she had any interaction with his organization.

        “I have no idea what the Clintons have in store for him, but I think he can handle anything that comes his way,” she says.

        She believes he “has all of the information he needs to be able to speak with knowledge of what we all went through at the hands of Bill Clinton.”

        • Acecool

          Makes you just want to vomit after hearing what B. Clinton did. As I said before, I believe the woman’s story without a single doubt. She’s just too believable, and know more educated women couldn’t have pulled that off by lying about it.

          Moral of this story, how easy it is for pure evil to get it’s foot in the door. What we have now are two polar opposites running for the presidency. I don’t think I have to mention which one of the two has story after story regarding habitual deception, self interest greed and gain.

          Voting in poor leadership has taken it’s tool, yet enough times to hopefully wake up and educate the masses, that history does indeed repeat itself if we continue to allow ourselves to sit back and let fate take it’s course. In short, if the American people aren’t savvy by now, then hope for Americas sovereignty has been lost.

          This is the very reason I also believe the Lord above has given us this one last chance. I personally believe the God of Abraham stands behind Donald Trump. Not as a man of the church, nor a preacher, but one who has already accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, and has shown much favor in abiding by the 2nd Greatest Commandment, To Love They Neighbor As Thy Self, and will do what ever it takes within his God given power to set things right.

          If the world is so corrupt, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, that should we be so overcome with evil and cannot find at least 51% within our country that refuses to live with this evil, then I believe, all hope for America is lost. We will no longer be able to refer to our nation as home of the brave and free, liberty and justice, indivisible, on truth we shall stand, one nation under God, but a new declaration, and simply put, The Whore Of Babylon. Because that’s exactly where it’s headed.

          Extreme Left Wing Democratic Liberal Stance? Transgender bathrooms, Gay Marriage, lax immigration, borderless, economic collapse, wealth distribution, anti-Christ islam, the removal of the right to defend ourselves, or Right Wing Conservative peace, prosperity, the pursuit of happiness, God fearing stance? Take your pick, It’s a no brainer. Donald J. Trump or we will go Bust!

          I love this land sung by the Clark family

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      Bill Clinton is beyond disgusting. Hard to watch but people should see it. Thank you for posting the videos.

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    No, he didn’t.

  • budybelly

    No, he didn’t.

  • budybelly

    No, he didn’t.

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