WaPo Hides Poll Showing Trump Leading Clinton

In this just released video Hillary Clinton is laughing about her high unfavorable ratings. To quote Forrest Gump “Stupid is as stupid does” so laugh now Hillary, but it’s he who laughs last that has the best laugh.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“It’s not the headline, and it takes 219 words to get there, but a new Washington Post poll on the presidential race reveals that Republican Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton among registered voters 46 percent to 44 percent.

Inside the Post’s story about the poll is this paragraph:

“At this point, the two candidates are in a statistical dead heat among registered voters, with Trump favored by 46 percent and Clinton favored by 44 percent. That represents an 11-point shift toward the presumptive Republican nominee since March. Among all adults, Clinton holds a six-point lead (48 percent to 42 percent), down from 18 points in March.”

It is the first time Trump has vaulted over Clinton in the poll and shows the advancement of the New York businessman over the past six months.”

CNN Reports:

“Jay Carson, Clinton’s 2008 press secretary who has also worked for her family’s foundation, recently took to Instagram to sound the alarm on Trump.

“Here’s the bad news — this guy can win the general election pretty damn easily,” Carson, who is now a producer on the Netflix series “House of Cards” and a Principal at Bloomberg Associates, wrote on his private account. “I hear far too many of my liberal friends calling him a ‘joke’ and acting like the general (election) is in the bag which is nuts because he’s dangerous and he has a path to victory.”

Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee earlier this month following the Indiana primary, ending any talk of a contested convention and allowing him to enjoy the luxury of setting his sights exclusively on November. Clinton, meanwhile, is the likely Democratic nominee but still fighting Bernie Sanders, who has spoken of taking their race to the national convention in July. That’s hurt her ability to completely turn to the battle with Trump.

Early polls paint a mixed picture. A CNN/ORC poll from the beginning of May found Clinton leading Trump by 13 points. But there is increasing evidence of a ‘Trump bump’ in polling as the billionaire consolidates Republican support. (Addition mine note to readers Republican support for nominee Donald Trump has jumped from 72% to 86% in one month.)

A Fox News poll this week actually showed Trump leading Clinton 45% to 42%, findings that were within the survey’s margin of error. Meanwhile, a New York Times/CBS News national survey released Thursday has Clinton up by six points.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll released Sunday finds a statistical dead heat, with Trump leading Clinton 46% to 44% among registered voters, figures that represent an 11% swing since March. The former secretary of state leads by six points among all adults — down from an 18% lead in March.

And a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, also released Sunday, shows a similar pattern: Clinton 46% to Trump’s 43% among registered voters — a previous survey had her up 50%-39%. Quinnipiac University polls in swing states Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania last week had the rivals effectively neck-and-neck.”


  • Acecool

    Most of the focus was on her old track record of working with Republicans to get things done. Hmmm, ever get the feeling she’s only saying that because Donald Trump is so high in the polls? Easy to read through her manipulative “Smoke n’ Mirrors”. Allow me to paraphrase what Hillary actually meant.

    “Since the republican party actually stands a good chance at beating me in the general election (because of the rising Trump polls), it would sound better if I said, I know I can get them to work with me. (over n’ over again, the more times I say it, the more they’ll believe me)”

    Reality Check! FALSE! The Republicans don’t like you Hillary! and they’ve been fighting Obama’s policies for nearly 8 yrs now, tooth n’ nail, and your track record (you and Bill together) actually STINKS to High Hell!

    The only thing Hillary is good for, is driving this country further into the dirt…..of which she comes out of.

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      You know Ace it’s not just us Republican’s that don’t like her either. Bernie Sander’s supporters also can’t stand her.

      Bernie Sanders, Democratic establishment battle boils over

      I honestly don’t think her scummy husband likes her either lol. On Friday in Sioux Falls, Bill Clinton told the Sanders supporters..

      “If you believe as they did that they did that it’s all because they’re part of some political establishment, there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats, you shouldn’t vote for her.”