How Donald Trump Stopped the Building of a Mosque at Ground Zero


Back in 2010, a group of Muslim investors wanted to build a mosque near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.  This sparked outrage with millions of Americans who found it to be a slap in the face to allow a mosque to be built near such hollowed ground.

The man behind it all was Hashim Elzanaty who along with eight other investors purchased the location and set the plans in place. But a famous billionaire New Yorker stepped in to stop the development.  He did this by offering Elzanty $6 million to purchase the property from him — a dollar amount that exceeded fair market value at the time.

 The billionaire even went a step further to buy more land further away from the Ground Zero site so Elzanaty could still have his mosque. That billionaire was Donald Trump.

President Obama had announced his support for the mosque. So did the Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg who claimed , “if we don’t build it, the terrorists will win!”

The deal with Trump never went through, but pressure from Trump, the community, and 9/11 support groups  forced the investors to built elsewhere.

  • Gearmoe

    And that is the Art of the Deal.

  • Lady_Lbrty

    It didn’t get built, and that’s what matters to me! I can’t believe that the land was even sold to a fucking Muslim. People have no loyalty, no allegiance, no pride as anymore. America means nothing to them, money is everything to them. Morally bankrupt.

    • Steve

      We can’t control who we sell ourown land to…you know that…no discrimination.

      • KansasGirl

        That’s the problem with an authoritative government.
        A private citizen should have total control over their land…without any interference from an omnipresent government.

    • EnoughIsEnough

      God bless America and God bless Donald Trump!!!

    • Samay Brahmin

      now you know why hindus sometimes refuse to give muslims accommodation in hindu majority buildings in india !

      I love how america always talks about muslims being such victims in hindu india, but when it came upon you, look at how you are on fire !!!!!!!!!! how does it feel to be constantly in fear, intimidation, and the yearning to stay safe ???

  • Acecool

    Had the Mosque been built, would have easily been seen as a triumphant islamic claim to another conquered victory. The voice of the people have so far stopped it. The land deal with Trumps 6 million dollar offer was never accepted, but was a nice gesture.

  • David Earl

    take a lQQk at the top of the Freedom tower, you know they changed the name from what they had said it was to be called, the top is the same a Mosque towers around the world.. Spears up the main mask/ Minaret

  • David Earl

    World Trade Center In New York City Is Topped With A Muslim Minaret ..

  • Vernon R. Walker

    Keep voting for Donald J Trump

  • Steve

    I was surprised and gratified to learn of this effort from Mr. Trump. I think he will always TRY to do the right thing.

    • EnoughIsEnough

      God bless Donald Trump!

  • Blaine Smith

    Thee mosque didn’t get built but now luxury apartments for Muslims are being built.

    • Miss Annie

      I am hearing this. I am watching to see what’s going to be said or done about it.

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  • David Earl

    What’s the differents

  • vladimirpinchaloafsky

    That’s how moslems do, attack with militants, then mewling moderates build terror shrine on top of other’s sacred ground. Islam 101. Every mosque in the world is built on other’s hallowed ground. Push these bastards out or New York will become Jerusalem with al aqsa, the farthest. Scum.

  • Norm Wilson

    now it happening g again