Jeff Sessions Open to Being Donald Trump’s Running Mate – “I Would Consider It”


The Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese contributed to this report.

Amid speculation he is on the short list, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions told The Daily Caller on Friday that he “would consider” an offer to be Donald Trump’s running mate, “like any other citizen should,” if offered.

It’s the farthest Sessions has gone in publicly acknowledging interest in serving in a potential Trump administration.

During an half-hour interview in his Capitol Hill office about a wide-range of topics — including immigration, trade, national security and the 2016 campaign — TheDC asked Sessions if he is open to being Trump’s running mate.

“If I could help him in some way — and he were to ask me — I would consider it like any other citizen should,” said Sessions, who was the first senator to endorse Trump’s presidential campaign and serves as an adviser to the presumptive Republican nominee.

“Can I help? Can I help the country do better if I accepted or not? But I don’t expect that to happen. And I’ve certainly had no discussions with him about it.”

 Tie-less and drinking from a coffee cup with the map of Alabama on it, Sessions went out of his way to note that he hasn’t ruled the possibility out: “I did get quoted one time sort of saying I would reject an opportunity to serve in a Trump administration, which is totally false.”

But speaking from his Russell Senate office, decorated with Alabama and Auburn football helmets, Sessions said of being tapped for VP: “I don’t think that’s going to happen. And I think he can get a better candidate.”

Sessions, 69, frequently makes the list of possible running mates. Trump has said he would like to pick a “political person” who could help him govern. This week, Trump’s campaign manager said Trump would likely choose someone with “federal elective” experience,” suggesting he would pick someone from inside the Capitol, and not a governor.

Sessions, a former U.S. attorney and attorney general in Alabama, was elected to the Senate in 1996.

Sessions — who has bonded with Trump over their shared interest in immigration, trade and the working class — endorsed the New York businessman before Alabama’s primary in March. A top aide to Sessions, Stephen Miller, left his Senate office to join Trump’s campaign as a senior policy adviser.

A favorite of conservative talk radio hosts, the Alabama lawmaker also serves as chairman of the Trump campaign’s national security advisory committee.

Sessions is a soft-spoken, contemplative lawmaker and differs from other potential Trump running mates in that he has not run for president before.

But — the argument goes — that could also be appealing to Trump if he’s looking for a partner who won’t overshadow him as vice president, but would work to push his agenda without the considerations of how it would affect his future political career.



First reported by Alex Pappas at The Daily Caller

  • Acecool

    Good honest politicians are few and far between, however, I feel highly confident, regardless of who Donald Trump picks as his running mate, will be a wise choice and a huge improvement over what we have now.

  • Iamacitizen2

    Thinking out loud here….

    If the US Federal Government is an offshore (entity)
    Corporation and the United States “for” America (all 50 States, and not 57 as
    was stated by O which has to do with the Koran…major mistake O) as well as the
    BLM and maybe even more branches are as well, is an offshore entity then why in
    the world do the “50” States have to take orders from an offshore corporation(s)???

    Why does the United States “for” America have to pay
    attention to the CEO of the offshore “foreign” Corporation (i.e. O) and his
    executive orders??? No wonder O said at
    age 16 to the postman (at Bill Ayers home where he was living) that “one day he
    was going to be president!!! Go figure
    that he was given that CEO position by the (you guessed it) US Corporation, an
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    Why does the United States “for” America citizens have to
    pay ANY taxes, (i.e. social security, federal income tax, highway taxes, etc.)
    at all to a ROGUE offshore “foreign” Corporation???

    Why doesn’t the Convention of States (37 or 38)of these
    United States “for” American TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY to what the ORIGINAL FOUNDER’S
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    Why is there a House of Representatives and the Senate being
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    Why does the United States “for” America NOT take back their
    TRUE NORTH…a/k/a our original Constitution, Bill of Rights, Emancipation
    Proclamation and our Declaration of Independence???

    Why doesn’t Mr. Trump run for the President of the original
    United States “for” America and NOT the offshore foreign entity, the “ US
    Corporation”??? Gosh and just think Mr.Trump you wouldn’t need a faux endorsement

    from Paul Ryan in the form of his voting for you in November 2016. Now if
    you believe that Mr. Trump I have a swamp in N.Y. I would love to sell you for
    your next project, LOL.

    All of the above comments are just my opinion and thinking
    out loud…and I am wondering are any of my questions or comments on anybody else’s
    minds? They should be.

    Why does ANY United States “for” America use digital voting
    machines (partially owned from what I read by Mitten’s sons and tallied
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    George Soros. I could never figure out why a Presidential campaign was certified offshore
    and allowed by the US Corporation (a foreign rogue entity) to be tallied offshore.
    Go figure huh? Personally I am only voting by “Absentee Ballott” for Mr. Trump of course.

    God bless our original United States “for” America.