Burka Clad Muslim Woman Attacks Georgia Home Owner with U.S. Flag Attached to 4 Foot Pole



Cops: Victim Battered With American Flag

Burka-clad assailant jailed on three misdemeanor charges

JUNE 2–A woman clad in a burka attacked a Georgia homeowner with an American flag that was flying in front of the victim’s home, police allege.

According to cops, Aisha Ibrahim, 30, emerged Tuesday morning from a wooded area adjacent to victim Dami Arno’s home in Lawrenceville, a city about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta.

Arno told police that Ibrahim–whose eyes were only visible–walked up to her mailbox and “pulled the flag out of it.” Armed with the flag–which was attached to a four-foot long PVC pipe–Ibrahim then advanced on Arno “in a threatening manner swinging the post and flag at her, hitting her with it,” according to a Lawrenceville Police Department report.

As Arno’s two children sought to help their mother, Ibrahim “was able to get one of her shoes off” and struck Arno’s teenage daughter in the head. A neighbor subsequently “entered the fight” and was “able to help hold the suspect until the police department arrived.”

Ibrahim was arrested on a pair of battery counts and was booked into the Gwinnett County jail, where the above mug shot was snapped. A third misdemeanor charge was later filed against Ibrahim after police determined that she gave them a phony name (Amina Ali Ahra) when busted.

Police have not determined a motive for the alleged flag attack.

In a Facebook post, Arno expressed frustration that Ibrahim is not facing a hate crime charge. “A muslim women tore my flag pole down this morning and attacked me and my daughter with it after the fight she was charged with simple battery 2 counts nothing else no hate crime no destruction of property no criminal trespassing nothing,” Arno wrote.

In a post this morning, Arno uploaded a photo of a sweater-clad Fred Rogers with the caption, “Mister Rogers didn’t adequately prepare me for the people in my neighborhood.”


First reported by The Smoking Gun



  • Carol Humphreys

    Get that _itch out of our country!!!!

  • Joy

    If she was on your property threatening bodily harm to your family, you know what to do the next time. If only their eyes show, you never know what’s under the robe. We need more laws supporting homeowner protection for these situations. We have cemeteries of people who died defending our flag.

    Trump 2016!

  • George Allen

    Here in Nv. she would have needed the coroner since we have Srand your Ground and Castle Law.

  • CC1980

    Only white American citizens can be charged with a hate crime, it’s more of BO’s double standard “change”.

  • Independent Voter

    Yat another reason for high capacity magazines.

  • justjan

    Do whatever it takes to defend yourself and your family. Maybe if people start standing up to these lunatics and eliminating them, this crap will quit.