San Jose Police Chief Who Allowed Attacks on Trump Supporters is Affiliated with LaRaza


The San Jose police department is under increasing scrutiny over charges that they allowed Trump supporters to be attacked by violent rioters following a Trump event.

The police chief Eddie Garcia has adamantly denied the charges.

The Mercury News reported:

San Jose police chief defends officers accused of failing to protect Trump supporters from violence

A day after a melee erupted outside a Donald Trump rally, the San Jose police chief and mayor on Friday defended themselves from a national backlash over their handling of the dramatic and at times violent protest.

On radio talk shows and across social media, some called for Mayor Sam Liccardo’s resignation because of his comments suggesting that Trump was to blame for igniting violence, while police were criticized for failing to protect Trump supporters from angry protesters throwing punches, water bottles and traffic cones. Some videos showed those attacks and suggested they were unprovoked, but others showed Trump supporters taunting protesters, ripping their Dump Trump signs and throwing the first punches.

While it appeared to many onlookers that police allowed the violence to proceed unchecked, San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia insisted that it was more important for police to hold their “skirmish line” formations than to stop individual attacks. Four arrests were made.

“We are not an ‘occupying force’ and cannot reflect the chaotic tactics of the protesters,” Garcia told reporters. Unless a victim’s life was in peril or the violence was “spiraling out of control,” he said, officers held back to avoid inciting more violence and having the crowd turn on officers. He also said the 250 police weren’t enough to control the roughly 400 protesters.

What has gone largely unreported, is that police chief Eddie Garcia is affiliated with the far left group La Raza.

This is a screen-cap from his Twitter account:


The La Raza Roundtable of California celebrated when Garcia was sworn in.

This is how the Roundtable describes itself:

La Raza Roundtable brings together community organizations, community leaders, elected officials, private and public sector representatives in leadership capacities that can impact positive change for La Raza.

Garcia has released a laughable statement in which he suggests that the police didn’t arrest the violent thugs because it would have just made them angrier. From San Jose Inside:

Mayor Liccardo, San Jose Police Issue New Statements Regarding Violence at Donald Trump Rally

San Jose police issued their own media advisory Friday, noting what actions it took as the media gives closer scrutiny to how well the department conducted crowd control.

In its release, SJPD said it held off in arresting people seen committing crimes because it “had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight [incite] the crowd and produce more violent behavior.”


Conservative writer A.J. Delgado noted the stunning statement on Twitter:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the decision not to enforce law and order was a political one. The fact that the police chief is associated with La Raza raises red flags.



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  • azrajo

    Gee,,,,police chief Garcia affiliated with LaRaza , duh who would have thought that ?

    • Lady_Lbrty

      ?, my sentiment exactly!

  • Lake Wateree

    police chief Garcia coward you just said its ok for them to run your ass out of town karma’s a bitch

  • Smilin’ Jack

    The correct name of the organization is “La Raza Unida” – The United Race.

  • Melody Radloff

    Wow they claim to be police should have called security guards as worthless as they are

    • Street Wise

      More like the “Security Monitor” in the Lifelock commercial.

  • thinkaboutit

    i call bullshit. He is part of the problem!

  • Melody McMillen

    I watched every video out there and not one time did I see a Trump supporter tear up a sign or egg the rioters on, you people are the biggest liars, I think you were just plain old scared, big babies

  • jr61020

    So their logic is if we arrest these idiots who are assaulting the the Trump supporters the crowd. wouldn’t like that so we just stood by and watch. And you call your selves police officers? Barney Fife has more guts than these clowns

  • Roger Fredinburg

    Can’t find a more obvious reason to engage with your 2nd Amendment rights by actually exercising them – If the Police refuse to stop foreigners attacking Americans while waving foreign flags of war at the same time? C’mon folks – fight back or shut up about it

  • Scott Adams

    This is a clear case how corrupt leadership chooses to allow riots and terrorists acts. The protesters were most illegals which in all right have none and shouldn’t be allowed to fly there flag and rally such a this. For those leaders who want to ignore the Constitution and allow illegals to vote one has to understand that’s like saying any foreign country can send people to the united States to vote and sway the outcome of the next American president. No way should any non American be allowed to have say in our affairs

  • Iamacitizen2

    Ok so the mayor and the police chief both failed to perform their duties as public servants who took oaths to protect and defend and according to this article they have ties to La Raza…wow

    There is a fix here that would set them both aside and that is the Sheriff’s Dept. The Sheriff can actually prohibit the San Jose police department from “operating” in the Sheriff’s County. Time to get the Sheriff off his backside in San Jose and other Counties across America and time for these Sheriff’s to dictate to the “local police dept’s” either do your jobs or you can no longer operate in “my County”…that is what Sheriffs are ELECTED BY WE THE PEOPLE to do….KEEP THE PEACE AND ARREST THOSE THAT FAIL TO DO THEIR JOBS or tell those that are NOT doing their J O B S to get out of their County!!!

  • Don Bolyard

    Remember the 60? The police didn’t take the BS from the rioters.

    • Ellie M F

      Why are you talking 60’s for cripes sakes. Update yourself and the World will update.

      • Don Bolyard

        Because the police in the 60s were allowed to deal with these animals and not told to back down like in Baltimore and at the Trump rallies. That’s why I referred to the 60s.

        • Miss Annie

          Great answer Don! 🙂

  • william the lesser

    *My email to the mayor . . .

    Dear Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake,

    (I MEAN . . . Mayor Sam Liccardo.)

    I’m sure you can understand how I got you two confused, inasmuch as how you both go by the same the “Rules For Deranged Democrat ‘Leaders’ Who Have Zero Problem Jeopardizing Property, Life & Limb of The People They Are SUPPOSED to Serve” playbook.

    I’m curious to know how you’d be feeling right now if someone had actually gotten KILLED due to your RECKLESS, IRRESPONSIBLE “leadership”?

    And your RIDICULOUS, FAKE “condemnation” of all forms of violence with the qualifier of blaming Donald Trump for creating the atmosphere?? . . . are you 5 years old?

    You’re one sad excuse for a “leader”, sir.

    If you were a real leader, you’d do the right thing and resign.


    YOU are EVERYTHING that is wrong in America right now: you’re immature, you’re selfish and you’re a coward.

    Extraordinarily sincerely,

    • Ellie M F

      Trump supporters or not, you took an Oath and you broke it. I hope since you do nothing for the City to make it a better you should be missing your ass goodbye. You are not right for the job.
      Sue the City the folks that were injured and whose cars were messed up. See how the City will like their Mayor then.

  • Amanda Robertson

    Garcia must be fired also!

  • mcd1948

    Had that mob been comprised of whites who were assaulting Hispanics or blacks at some Democrat rally that worthless chief would have turned his officers loose and heads would have been broken. And, Obamas DOJ would be launching a federal civil rights investigation NOT into the officers but into the mob of whites. But, since the people assaulted were white and conservative….NOTHING will be done. This is what radical liberalism has brought this country too.

    • Sheila Morris

      you’ve got that right

    • Rob Wilson

      That would never happen for several reasons, first being that conservatives have values, morals, respect and don’t stifle the opinions of others.

  • longun45

    Simple fix Bring more bikers. For now Sue the city of San Jose.

    • Ellie M F

      How about bikers from each of their own States to kick some ass to protect their own City, Towns and States.
      Get these thug terrorists out of town especially if you have kids. Send them to jail for awhile vet their GED’s at least.

  • gjm11653

    He is the real pig. Now why would tourist risk visiting a city that allows criminals to have free reign, because the police showing up may make them angry.

  • andrea grima


  • george

    Trumpster’s, start packing

  • Taylor Loomis

    protect yourselves. the police wont. Conceal Carry

  • Joseph Russo

    Ok who is surprised about this.
    That RACIST ass whipe and that POS mayor need to be fired.
    They need to be charged with inciting riots, and assault.

  • Addy Jones

    I. Sure if gangs members get arrested they get angry too! So why have police at all?! What a stupid @ss response to such a vile group of leaders. They need to fire out Gov. brown, Mayor Licatardo, and Cheif of Sjpd Garcia!

  • Sg Harley


  • Danny Lamb

    The Democratic Nazi party always used this intimidation tactics.

  • Houdini50

    truth be told SJPD is full of cowards.

  • Scumbag..

  • Ace Smithart

    Resign Garcia you Racist Traitor POS!

  • teresa smith

    Both are mexicans that is why there was no help. And Illuminati behind it.

  • Ellie M F

    So because this Mayor did nothing which means his job to protect civilians, Trump supporters or not he needs to be fired.
    People who got hurt physically can sue the City. Get a Lawyer. He needs to be taught a lesson.
    The Clintons and their hound dogs are at it again. Hillary no good that you are will always be no good.
    We are not going to let you, Obama your rapist husband who gets his kicks as soon as you leave the house get away with any move you make until you are behind bars for life.
    Your mother would even want you to be
    Go Trump!

  • pamelah

    This is a bunch of BS!. Really, it’s going to make the protesters more angry? What are they going to do in handcuffs? Garcia is a BIG chicken$hit.

  • LaRaza. Black Panthers. Ku Klux Klan. CAIR.

    All organizations cut from the same cloth. All promote their constituents interests above, and often at the expense of, others outside their ethnic/racial identity.

    Yet only one is openly castigated and condemned. The others are protected.

  • Autumn Leaves

    Send those pieces of shits down here to Georgia and I will show them what real violent protest is all about and how big of vagina’s California and especially San Jose cops really are. They’ll get bitch slapped around and sent back to Mexifornia with their rat tails between their legs!! LaRazza and the chief are professional bitch turd burglar cowards!! California is a shining example of what is wrong with this country with its bullshit sanctuary cities full of illegals and all the freaks and libtard assholes California is a dump that could break off and fall into the Pacific and we would be a better country for it!! I just hope if that happens that all the piece of shit Kardashians and allot of the other rich selfish condescending arrogant assholes are home as well!! What we should have done is formed a private security outfit with many former military and got Mr. Trump to hire us to protect his supporters at his rallies then when the bitch California police officers stood around jerking their little puds the Trump supporters wouldn’t of had anything to worry about because we would be protecting them and if the police stepped in to try and stop us we could have beat the snot out of them also and if they wanted to turn it into a war we would have showed them what its all about!!! We need to step up and fight for whats right against the trash that we know are doing wrong police or not, they aren’t the end all be all and Americans need to step up against the ones that are problem causers although there are police officers who do their jobs and are honest good people there are just as many of them who are only wearing the uniform to either compensate for something or to hide behind their badge and guns. Its up to us to weed out the bad eggs and crack them like the rat bitches they really are!!!!

  • Autumn Leaves

    Send that fucking half a sissy Garcia down here and I will bitch slap his ass all the way back to Muslimexafornia!!
    I’ll choke him with his tie and then drag him around by it until I get tired or it tears whichever comes first!! Your a cowardly Bitch Boy Garcia!!! “They didn’t want to step in because they feared their presence would make things worse” If that statement right there doesn’t tell you everything you need to know nothing will! These mother fuckers are being paid by the Clinton’s & the DNC to stand down like the little cowardly bitches they are. They are hoping that Trump supporters will not attend his rallies and they will get people to stay home and not vote for him through intimidation. Let me say this if it happens again this country is going to find out what true Patriots are really made of and what real power is. These Democrat piece of shit bitches want to draw a line down the middle and divide this country, no problem because those democrat libtard jerkoffs are on the wrong side of that line. You see their side is full of a bunch of fucking fairies, radical Muslims and illegals. Our side has true American patriots that are fighting for our homes, families and our countries future!! This Fucking Bitch Whore Hilary has got to be stopped at all costs. This bitch can show Satan a thing or two about evil!! What really kills me is the ignorant fucking assholes that either can’t see it or choose to ignore it. The true and plain & simple facts are out there for everyone to see. This bitch criminal Hilary says she is going to run on her record but guess what, she herself knows that she has the worst fucking track record of any politician in history and that is why she is constantly trying to bash and put down Donald Trump, she is trying to deflect attention away from the facts of how fucked up she really is and how she has done nothing but fucked up everything that has her name on it or she has been involved with. Everyone needs to post and plaster all of this bitches bullshit and her fucked up failed policies all over the internet flood the shit out of the web with all her fuck ups and there are many of them. Fuck you Hilary you douche bag piece of shit bitch you need to be thrown in jail to rot for your crimes against America and for depraved indifference in the murders of the four American’s in Benghazi!! The Bitch Kilary Clinton is responsible in every way for those deaths in Benghazi and if the FBI and state department doesn’t bring charges against her they will make it clear to all of America that the Clinton’s money and corruption is what rules the day. If this happens and she isn’t indicted it will be up to us to sacrifice all that we have to in the name of what is right, and in the name of justice for those four American’s who gave their lives. We can not let their deaths be in vein and unaccounted for, we all know that it’s Hilary the bitch Clinton who is responsible, its not a big mystery, but if she isn’t indicted and we just sit back and let her get away with it what does that say about us as Americans? Doesn’t that say that this corrupt government and its legal departments can just do whatever they want and we will just let them continue to get away with it. We don’t have to allow it and as a matter of fact the most important document in our history countries history tells us that we who are able are obligated to step in and do something about it by whatever means necessary!!!! We can be the powers that be and the overwhelming power if we just stand together as one and remove these crooked crony mother fuckers from our government and legal agencies!! It is us the masses with all the power and we must take it back if that is what is called for and its looking more and more like that is exactly what is called for!!!!

  • Iamacitizen2

    and this is just the beginning of the wheels coming off the some of the corrupt judicial system and some of the police that are tied to La Raza….yup time for the wall to go up on the southern border and time for La Raza to pack their bags and take their La Raza politicians and their La Raza owned police here in the USA back to Mexico.

    Time for the Trump train to clean house, take out the trash and send it packin.

  • Don Briscoe

    At this point any white that votes democrat ought to have their heads examined…or move to Mexico!

  • TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ARMED COPS is Not enough to control only 400 people?! That’s LESS than 2 people for each cop!! So This RACIST is also a LIAR!!!

  • Bigfatty1

    The 2,nd Amendment is more than words.

  • Sloan


  • Gearmoe

    Millions of people saw police do nothing to protect TRUMP supporters nor deal with property damage.