Open Letter To Barack Hussein Obama


Please be advised that We The People, do not feel that you are representing us, in any way that could be considered beneficial to us or our country.

You have repeatedly sought to infringe upon our rights, as laid out in the United States constitution.  Your administration, particularly you and Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, are seeking to silence our voices and disarm us.

We The People were not asked if we wanted to enter into a union with the United Nations in forming a Strong City Network, which targets right-wing extremists, which has been defined as any citizen who owns guns, ammunition and target practices.  This same agreement cedes local law enforcement in major cities to the United Nations.

Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has threatened to prosecute American citizens who use hateful anti-Islam rhetoric.  And, we have the Muslim Brotherhood strolling the hallowed hallways of OUR White House.

You and Hillary Clinton are both guilty of arming our enemies with weapons, while you seek to disarm innocent American citizens.  With your lax policy you allowed weapons to be placed into the hands of Jihadist.  We The People have not forgotten Libya, and we have not forgotten the men that you and Hillary Clinton allowed to die in Benghazi.

On December 2, 2015, fourteen (14) American’s were slaughtered, and twenty-two (22) injured.  This atrocity was committed by radical Islamists, who were committed to jihadism and martyrdom.

Forty nine (49) innocent American’s were murdered by a radical Islamist, and over fifty (50) were injured in Orlando, Florida at the Pulse Nightclub.  Rather than making an attempt to comfort the families of these victims, you made a speech filled with hateful rhetoric, directed toward Donald Trump and Republicans.  You, then, devoted time to talking about how we need to make it more difficult for people to obtain guns.  With all due respect, sir, guns are not the problem.

Your actions and words indicate to me, and a large majority of American’s that you are not on the side of America.  In fact, sir, it is my contention that you have been attempting, from the day that you took office, to destroy this country, that I love so much.  You knew that the United States could not be destroyed from without, and you set upon a course to destroy from within.

Under your administration, we are told that we must embrace Islam, that, in your own words..  “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”,  well, sir, I am sorry, but, I did not hear the sound of prayer as videos have been replayed, and innocent people were dying.  No, indeed.. I heard innocent people screaming as their lives were cut short.. and, the shooter shouting, Allahu Akbar!

I am the daughter of a Baptist minister, and I have been a christian since I was a child.  I am 48 years of age, and never in all of my life, have I seen Christian’s being persecuted like they are today.  “Christianity is under siege.” ~Donald J Trump

You tell me, “ “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”  I am sorry, sir, but, I do not see a whole lot of tolerance when Christians are being drowned, burned alive and beheaded.

I will not embrace a society of people who believe the teachings of the Quran, who idolize a man named Muhammed, who was a rapist, pedophile and murderer, and who practice Sharia Law, which encourages the oppression of women.

Sharia Law is not compatible with the United States constitution, therefore the people who practice it can not integrate into our society.  That is like attempting to put a square peg in a round hole.

You refuse to secure our borders, instead you are allowing illegal immigrants to flood this great country.  The United States is the only country in the world who provides sanctuary cities for criminals.  For, indeed, these illegal immigrants became criminals, the moment they stepped onto American soil, without proper documentation.  “One can not have a country without borders.  Either we have a country, or we don’t.” ~Donald J Trump

You have tied the hands of our Border Patrol Agents.  You arm them with stun and pellet guns and you tell them to run if met with resistance.

Instead of flooding our country with Syrian refugees, they should be allowed to remain in their own country in a safe zone.  We don’t know who they are and your administration has proven, without doubt, that either you can not or you will not vet them.

The United States is a sovereign nation, and we will not relinquish our sovereignty to a body of Sharia compliant nations who are seeking to form aNew World Order. 

I am very much aware that you will not agree with anything that I have said, but, I can assure you that the vast majority of Americans do.  You have betrayed the American people, and we do not appreciate it.

You have openly endorsed a candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for the highest office in this land, which you now hold, and she is under criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.  What kind of President does this?  Certainly not one who has the best interests of his constituents at heart.

You may ask yourself, why would this.. nobody, dare to address me, the President of the United States in such a manner?  Please, allow me to answer that question.  I am a Christian woman and a citizen of this country.  Under the United States constitution, I have the freedom to speak, freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms, which is not to be infringed upon, and you, sir, are attempting to infringe upon my rights.

You would be doing yourself, your family and the Citizens of the United States a great favor by offering your resignation.  We The People are ready to get on with the business of salvaging what is left of our country.


Rhonda Kazmierski~Patriot

  • appalo L.

    Can’t wait till Obama is out of office and Trump takes over.

  • Eyes on You

    This letter is a PERFECT depiction of what the majority of Americans are feeling today. I pray Obama takes heed. He is already known to be the worst president our country has ever known. This is because Obama is not for America. He is working towards a new world order, setting his sites on turning the USA into a third world country with no freedoms. The man must go and leave the keys to the White House in Donald Trump’s hands.

    #MakeAmericaGreatAgain ?
    #TrumpforPresident ?
    #MAGA ?

  • Dawn Klich


  • Julian Cox

    I supported Obama for change. What we cannot have is Hillary. Not just more disappointment but more of the same of that red-thread going through the disastrous GW Bush presidential terms and back to Nixon, possibly beyond. Beware Obama and Hilary’s central deception: Debt and Deficit are not one and the same.

    Trading Deficit is NOT the only or even the main way in which US National Debt accumulates. National Debt accumulates chiefly from selling US Treasury Bonds. Chiefly to the USA’s potential SuperPower Enemies such as China. As such, the US Military is a Debt Funded entity. In a stand-off with China for example, China can effectively de-fund the US Military. Incompetence does not begin to describe this state of affairs.

    The country has been running in Deficit, all be in marginally reduced, paid for by Debt. That Debt is a time bomb on the United States Dollar and unless the USA changes course radically to rebuild its domestic infrastructure including energy self sufficiency and real industrial economy the Dollar based global economy will collapse and the USA will be the hardest hit with nowhere to turn to that it does not owe and cannot pay. The USA cannot maintain even its current lifestyle without selling financial instruments. The only reason for anyone to buy such instruments is fear of US Military enforced sanctions. This is a circular argument that is unravelling rapidly now China and Russia set up non-Dollar trading exchanges for oil and gas and freely by-pass US sanctions to Venezuela for example.

    As for the Environment. My passion. Rhetoric is no substitute for substance – and deception is inexcusable. The Petrodollar is self-evidently at the root of vehicle emissions and lobbyist-backed actions to manipulate laws and underprice Oil is the greatest of all obstacles to human progress. This is not Trump policy, this is Hillary policy. Oil costs Saudi $100 per barrel to produce, and the price is $45-$50. Why – the weakening value of buying US Dollars to access oil because the US Military can no longer protect a US monopoly on the International Oil Trade – But that won’t stop Hillary pushing a losing hand. Trump: 100% energy independence, cessation of reliance on Saudi and Oil.

    This differential overwhelms any argument related to pricing CO2 emissions directly – which is deeply problematic in terms of unintended consequences! This is without counting the cost of the military action to secure supply via Dollar denominated markets that as previously noted racks up debt that cannot be paid. Currently standing at $19.2 Billion in the USA alone – mostly attributable to the Unpriced Externality of the US Military role in the Oil trade. This really should be taxed at the pump because that is what it costs. This is a 50% price reduction and a big chunk of $19.2 Trillion in real dollar denominated economic subsidies afforded to Oil relative to domestic renewable infrastructure that does not require any military services to come to market or realistically to defend once installed. Nobody is going to invade a nation for its solar panels, hydro electricity and wind farms. For Oil – we have had a century of war and unrest over it due to geocentricity market manipulation at the point of a gun. The entire Iraqi conflict and the entire Syrian humanitarian and migrant disaster is attributable to this. Nothing to do with gassing Kurds in either instance any more than the actions of the Niger Delta Avengers blowing up pipelines and power stations in Nigeria is in response an abundance of pity for Rwandans. The locals are quite understandably sick to death of their mineral wealth being shipped offshore without much of a trace besides thousands of oil spills on their farmlands and in their river fisheries. Likewise, customer markets as well as “allies” on the supply side are emboldened to demand ever more punitive terms to cooperate. For example China has proven able to buy up much of the US Industrial Base and Intellectual Property as well as land and title on-shore in the USA for nothing in return except payment in America’s own Dollars. That and advances of containers of mass produced junk turned out of machinery American taught them to build with a labor surplus gathered from that Nation’s substance farmlands. An overpopulation China has being trying hard to reduce to limit poverty. How much of China does the USA Own? Answer: Whatever the Chinese government says it does. Have to ask their opinion – which may vary.

    In the USA, Trump plans to go all-in with Oil and Gas self-sufficiency. Result: Less Bunker Oil for starters. Secondary result: Genuine direct economic competition with other sources of US energy independence. Wind. Solar. Hydro. Battery Storage. Electric Vehicles. It does not matter that Trump denies climate change. People ultimately work where the opportunities lie. They do what they are paid to do.

    Coal Miners. Yes this is absolutely egregious on face value – but there is no market for coal. Coal cannot compete. Miners on the other hand are absolutely necessary to produce Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminum, Copper. That is what needs to happen and miners can and will be put to work in the new economy.

    Economics will take care of the Environment. The enemy is not climate change denial rhetoric. The enemy is deception and corruption: A government of the people by the Oil and Gas Lobby and by the Banks than control the Petrodollar market.

    As for Electric Vehicles. They SAVE balance of trade. They produce US jobs. They represent US competitiveness in the world. Trump policy is to reduce the tax burden on US manufacturing industry – like Tesla, like SpaceX. Renegotiate trade tariffs with export markets – such as China, such as Japan where for example Tesla should be exporting US manufactured goods such as Electric Vehicles. Trump policy is to renegotiate an END to Intellectual Property sharing mandated in China which result in Joint Ventures that feed into Chinese University programs that broadcasts US Intellectual Property to the entire Chinese Military Industrial complex where lessons learned are venture backed by the Chinese Government. Trump policy is to END trade imbalance with Japan where US businesses such as Tesla face mass imports of Japanese vehicles and even mass-cooperation at all levels of US government with Japanese anti-EV pro Hydrogen propaganda ultimately directed at Japan’s Methane Hydrate exploitation displacing environmental sanity and any need for the import of US produced Natural Gas.

    This is the Environmental case for Donal J Trump for POTUS and against the deceptive rhetoric of the Clinton campaign that speaks well of the Environment while plotting a course to guaranteed environmental armageddon with more of the same – or worse if Japan gets its way.