Christians and Gays Unite – Billy Graham’s Team Prays with Milo – Video


Solidarity between American conservatives and gays has been one of the defining outcomes of the tragic attacks in Orlando, Florida this weekend. This was underscored earlier today when members of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association prayed for gay Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yiannopoulos gave a press conference in the city earlier where he condemned progressives for choosing Islam over gays in their “victim hierarchy,” and urged gays to reject Muslim immigration in 2016.

Conservatives have been nothing but supportive to the gay community over the course of the week. Right-wing Canadian commentator Gavin McInnes, a self-described “homophobe” even went so far as to kiss Milo Yiannopoulos, in what he described as a “f*** you” to Islam.

Members of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, one of the most renowned Christian evangelist groups in the country, did not kiss Milo — but they did pray for him in solidarity.

Founded by the Southern Baptist minister Billy Graham in the 1950. Since its inception, it has been one of the most effective Christian proselytizing groups in the country, and has also grown to become one of the most famous. The organization, and Graham himself, became particularly well known for their large, well-publicized urban gatherings.

The organization, and Graham himself, aren’t known for seeing eye-to-eye with gays on every issues. Despite a reputation as a moderate, Graham supported North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage in 2012.

But all such disagreements have, for the moment at least, been forgotten as the Christian organization, along with Christian conservatives up and down the country, stand in solidarity with America’s gay community following the Orlando attacks.

Conservative activist Jim Hoft, better known as “The Gateway Pundit” recently came out as gay in an article for Breitbart in which he also urged LGBT voters to “come home to the Republican party.”

“There is only one man who can lead this country and protect all gays and Americanswrote Hoft. “His name is Donald Trump.”

First reported by by BREITBART TECH at Breitbart