Trump Pivots And USA Goes To War!

Patriots?   We have just been introduced to Donald J. Trump in new  mode!  He has pivoted from primary to general.  Everybody better listen up, because he is a man on a mission.

Mr. Trump is a man saying what he means, and meaning what he says.  The contrast between him and Hillary Clinton is stark and evident for the world to see.  Trump is being open and honest with the citizens of this country, he is laying himself and the truth out there, with all transparency.  Whereas, Hillary Clinton is surrounded by darkness, and everything she does is shrouded in secrecy.  Everything is a facade.. nothing , is real.  She is dishonest and there is no transparency.

I tend to view life and situations from a biblical standpoint. And, this morning the thought came to me that, we are, literally, seeing good vs. evil at war.  The battle lines have been drawn and the opponents armor has been donned.  Donald Trump is wearing the armor of God.  

Hillary Clinton has donned the armor of satan, which is sin.  She is double minded and a reprobate.

Political pundits will run  many polls, and they will analyze as much data as they can gather, and they will form an opinion, make predictions and establish for themselves, who the victor will be.

The globalist will meet in secret places, they will conspire and plot together, to make certain that their candidate of choice, will be elected.  They are plotting the demise of the opponent.  They are digging a ditch! But.. they better be careful, lest they fall into the ditch that they have dug!

Lead on,  Donald J. Trump!  You have an army that is standing on the front lines.  Let our enemies surround us, let them shoot their arrows and try to pierce thru our armor!  A lie has never been able to overcome the truth, because that lie will be revealed and then all that is left standing.. is truth.

Go ahead, Islam.. continue to rely on your 100 year plan to take over the West!  You have made your plans and you have embarked upon a course, and you appear to be on time and ahead of schedule.. but, take heed, lest your plan be interrupted.  You have continued on and have not feared the sentence of judgement, and you have set about to do evil.  Let it be known that when your destruction comes, it will come as a whirlwind.

Patriots, and Christians.. stay ready and be vigilant, and purchase in your hearts that you are entering into a battle that will only be won, if we use every weapon in our arsenal, including what God, himself, has provided.  If we do these things?  Hillary Clinton will be defeated in the general election, corruption will fall and the 100 year plan of Islam will topple. The United States of America will be victorious!

Ephesians 6:14“Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;”

  • Trump+Pence=Sense

    Here’s my take: Trump has strategized this all along. Never graceful, he succeeded in getting everyone’s attention. Now, he’s pivoting in a way that suggests he is building a new combo coalition of voters on Nov. 8 It will be called the RID Party (Rep-Ind-Dem) and the mission will be to get RID of all the political corruption, waste, abuse and political infighting in Washington, DC. It will require a bully pulpit of some magnitude that has a large, vocal and active majority behind it. Trump will leave many of the details to others, but he will lead the charge to motivate support from the grassroots level that will simply force responsiveness from every political hack in Washington. Dreamin’? Maybe, but all things may be possible with this guy.

    • Rhonda Kazmierski

      Very observant! I concur..

  • C-Ann-C

    As I agree with the lot of this, & don’t get me wrong, I WILL vote for Trump, I don’t want to put him into biblical terms as this article seems to do, putting him as “wearing the armor of God”; even though he’s said he won’t lie to us, deceive us, & tells us the truth, & I believe that dearly. It’s just that the pundits, liberal heads who may read this will do a “Laugh-In” scenario showing that we’ll believe anything out there, including this. No one should be put in the limelight of a biblical misunderstanding or assimilated to like “wearing the armor of God “. Trump is fighting for us, & he had said that he’s doing this FOR the people, & the govt should be BY the people, which he’s right. Our 1st 3 words of our Constitution says, “WE THE PEOPLE”, & I believe Trump is emphasizing that as a reminder. I think of Donald as being more of a Statesman rather than a politician or “wearing the armor of God” in a biblical sense. Let’s not get ourselves buried too deep into this biblical thing that would make us sound too far right or too righteous for our own good & “feed the beasts” with hate rhetoric against us even more. Trump is just a man, a good man, with heart of gold, but still just a man, & maybe “wearing the armor of God ” is a bit much, yet we can still honor his commitment to do what is right, & he’s doing & saying right by us so far. He is a Presbyterian, like I am, too, & I’ve seen him pray with a group of evangelicals at a conference with them; doesn’t mean he’s a righteous fanatic religious man, but doesn’t mean he’s not religious either, same as me. I have certain faiths with me, as he has with himself. I had the privilege once of getting a handshake from D. Trump, that told me more of WHO he was (& is) more than any other I’ve shook, & that’s all I needed to convince me he’s the one to fix these problems, & do it right the 1st time. Let’s keep him human for the next 3 months, then decide if he still wears “the armor of God “.